TheSuperSOL Launchpad


TheSuperSOL LAUNCHPAD is an NFT Platform built to make it easier for creators out there to build their own NFT projects and cheaply from Launchpad out there. You just upload your assets and layers, and they will be created in metadata with mint page. We charge 10% per project and if you hold NFT TheSuperSOL you will only be charged 5% for primary and secondary sales


incubated projects receive start-up capital along with a number of value-added services such as:

  • marketing strategy

  • technical support

  • NFT development

  • UI expertise, Utility

  • KYC check and Brand development

Seed Fund: Incubator funds raised from our Secondary market Royalties to support incubated projects invested in pre-INO to support them in product building, marketing and community.

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